You can’t con people in this business. The products speak for themselves.

Steve Jobs

Who We Are

"HX-GROUP" LLC,(IT&Cloud Services Provider) was founded in 2008, in Bugojno, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and so far successfully businsess for the past six years. Our specialty are solutions for Internet business, which include a wide range of services:

  • Web&Cloud Hosting
  • Dedicated & Cloud servers
  • Audio& Video Streaming
  • Virtual Private Network(VPN)
  • Domains&Licenses Provider
  • Linux&Windows system administrator
  • cPanel&SolusVM panel administration
  • Server and website monitoring
  • Web Desing
  • Web Developement
  • Graphic design
  • Internet Marketing
Who We Are

The reasons for cooperating with us:

We provide you with a high added value saving you time and costs when expanding into the global market.

Progressive Network

Our branch network with local experts communicating in local languages ensures a direct access to key information and contacts.

Time and Cost Efficiency

With our professional services, we provide you with a high added value saving you time and costs when expanding into the global market.

Individual Approach and Flexibility

We treat each client individually, creatively tailor services and build a project team to meet the most specific client's needs.

Responsible Cooperation

We value each partnership and we feel a responsibility for the results.

High Project Success Rate

We achieve a high success rate of projects we implemented. We appreciate the long-term cooperation and relationship we have with our clients.


We Love In Our Projects

100% Client Satisfaction

The overall client satisfaction is the general impressions of customers to HX-GROUP, considered with web hosting features, performance, reliability, customer service, and price. The 480 customers highly recommend HX-GROUP for their overall hosting impressions, and no customer review is negative. Reliability is about web hosting uptime and security. From the survey, all customers didn't encounter any website downtime and server hack in past 6 months, hosted with HX-GROUP. 

User Friendly Design Quality

In cases when you want to use your website to transform visitors into customers, the biggest issue when it comes to online shopping is making up for the lack of human interaction, which is a perfectly common thing in regular shops and many of the customers are used to it. This is where a user friendly design works to your benefit the most.

Impress Website Visitors

If your visitors like your Web site, there is a very good likelihood that the search engines will, too. With this in mind, the following 8 tips focus on how to develop your site with your visitors in mind, and also effectively conduct search engine optimization: 1. Pick appropriate keyword phrases, 2. Optimize every page on your site, 3. Optimize your page titles, 4. Optimize your page content, 5. Create an inbound linking strategy, 6. Descriptively label your links and images (aka, the "anchor text"), 7. Make sure your site is spider-friendly, 8. Create fresh content

Very Fast Support

Less than 5% of our customers need to contact us about technical issues. That's because our services are reliable and easy to use. But, if you do need help, rest assured we have experts on hand 24/7/365.

Servers and Security

Facilities Overview

Originally housed at Nuremberg, Germany, we have now expanded to 17 different locations - fifteen in the European Union (two in Germany - 1x Nuremberg and 1x Falkenstein, thirteen in France - 1x Gravelines, 6x Roubaix, 3x Strasbourg and 3x Parisone) and two in the Beauharnois, Quebec, Canada. By using multiple Tier 1 telecom providers, along with numerous private peering arrangements our datacenter provides excellent connectivity for global reach and lower latency.

24/7/365 Human + Bot Monitoring

All our servers are included in an automatic precondition server monitoring system (APSMS). The APSMS detects any unusual behavior or such that may affect the server performance. Both the monitoring system reports and the hosting infrastructure are 24/7/365 monitored by our most experienced system administrators to ensure the stable operation of your web hosting environment.

Military-grade Security

All our servers are using CloudLinux distribution. Based on CentOS Linux, it provides a number of enhancements to file systems, server security tools and other miscellaneous OS features. Additionally, all our servers are configured with full subscription to the CLN (Cloud Linux Network), which provides security patches and OS updates which are vital for keeping your website protected from any possible server side security issues and attacks.

SPAM protection

Our spam protection involves both server side and client side spam protection filters and mechanisms. Our system administrators have devoted a lot of efforts to create a sophisticated mail service filters to prevent both outgoing and incoming spam activity on our servers. Additionally, all servers are included into a special spam house monitoring system which reports if any server is marked by a spam house authority.This assures that all of your emails will be safely delivered to the destination mail server in a timely manner.


Some of Our Statics Since 2008

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